Sunday, 17 July 2011

No Compost Mennis

There are toys in my attic
But the marbles have gone
There is no-body up there
But the light is still on

Though the lift is still working
It won’t go to the top
A screw has worked itself loose
And it made the lift stop

There are bats in my belfry
And their chatter has no end
So I climbed off my rocker
Up the pole and round the bend
Now I’m free, out to lunch
All the fairies are there
We’re dining with the Hatter
And the rabid March Hare

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  1. I really do like this Phil been back so many times today just to read and each time it is a wrench to stop. Let me know when the book is out please

    Jem aka Sapphicsprite

  2. It's unfinished.... it's not done with you yet Phil.. listen to it closely: there is much there still.

  3. I love the flow and the meter. The rhyming feels spontaneous and helps carry the piece forward. Nicely done!