Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Runaway Train

Happy haddock, willow tree
Humpty dumpty, silver sea
Ping pong, bunny, apple pie
Singing haystack, purple sky
Little teapot, grinning cat
Talking horses, silly hat
Parcels, ribbons,tiny tots
Sky blue pink with polka dots
Roasted peanuts, candyfloss
Silver moonlight, springy moss
Rainy mondays, growing grass
Snakes in apples made of glass
Rocket, lolly, unicorn
Bugle, trumpet, rhino horn
Mary poppins, poppy seed
Bill and Ben and little weed
Wibble, wibble, blibble blime
Honey suckle, twist of lime
Silly sausage, carrot top
Pc Plod and Mrs Mop
Ivor engine, rousing song
Hanging baskets, Babylon
Wizard, fairy, crimson grape
Icy snowflake, sticky tape
Milky, milky, gooey cake
Yellow roses, frying stake
Choking laughter, falling star
Deafened by a bridge too far
Floating sofa, fishing gnome
Smokey bacon running home
Howdy doody Mr Spoon
Comfy ceiling, tiny room
Birdies tweeting, bouncing ball
River deep and building tall
Spotty toadstools, angel sings
Brainy badger, ravens wings
Giant beanstalk, puss-in-boots
Mother Goose in big black boots
Scented candles, ticking clock
Climb the ladder, on the block
Round in circles, chase your tail
Falling ashtray, sirens wail
Cabbage corner, smoking joint
Woven basket, needle point
Wedding bells for dusty bin
Bright confetti, creeping sin
Dancing oysters, pea green boat
Bright balloons, they bounce and float
Snowball fights in sylvan woods
Burning crosses, pointy hoods
Teeter-totter, swinging tyre
Metal monsters, spitting fire
Gaudy pennants, coloured plumes
Silent children, cloying fumes
Jingle, jingle, sleigh bell rings
Rising waters, acid stings
Test-tube babies, empty beds
Missing limbs and extra heads
Smiling faces, staring eyes
Crawling beetles, buzzing flies
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Mellow music, padded white
Baggy trousers, jacket tight
Platitudes, a bright new pin
Oblivion is closing in...

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