Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another painful truth...

Due to certain technical difficulties during the revision of my 1st book, Apocalyptic Visions, I have had to delay publication of the Revised Edition.  Unfortunately I had already taken down the 1st Edition of the book so it is currently unavailable on Amazon. I am working hard to rectify this problem as quickly as possible and am hoping to publish soon. I will post updates here as and when I have news.

Watch this space...

On the positive side, completion of my second collection, Beyond the Mask, is progressing well.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Painful Truth

A figure of death
Looms over the land
A nuclear scythe
Is borne in his hand
Wearing a mantle
Of consuming fire
He lights for our world
A funeral pyre

I flee in terror
But find no escape
For all of this land
Shows signs of his rape
Where-ever I go
He is always there
Stripping the land
And leaving it bare

I hear his cruel laughter
A malicious sound
While his victim’s corpses
Are thick on the ground
He’s dealing out death
And pain on a whim
There can be no way
Of hiding from him

But now I am running
So desperate to hide
For I’ve glimpsed a truth
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I cannot abide
The horror flows through me
For now I can see
There is no escape
This figure is me!

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Morbidity - A poem from my 1st book

I have a dream, a fantasy
Where all men live in harmony
An end to pain and enmity
A new birth for humanity

Each day I wake reluctantly
And come back to reality
I look around in misery
And see the true insanity

A world ruled by brutality
Supported by complacency
We`re in the grip of tyranny
Choked by our own misanthropy

The masses in obscurity
Condemned to live in poverty
A life of harsh severity
The cruelest immorality

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Each day a new atrocity
Will reach new depths of cruelty
We`re sinking into savagery
A slow death for humanity

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Apocalyptic Revisions

Revision of my 1st book, Apocalyptic Visions, is nearing completion and the Revised Edition will soon be available on Amazon. My original intention was to simply edit the manuscript to iron out a few formatting issues and make a few corrections but with the discovery of some of my old notes during packing to move house my plans changed.

The new edition will include two complete stanzas missing from the published version of the title poem, Apocalyptic Vision, restoring it to its original form, along with a new and previously unpublished poem. I am also working with an accomplished book illustrator and artist, Caroline Quin, to commission a completely new cover for the new book.

Watch this space for further updates.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Greetings from The Garret.

Welcome to The Garret, my personal space on the web, named for the dusty attic at the southern tip of Cornwall where I spent a few years of solitude developing my style of rythmic rhyming poetry.
Here I will share thoughts and observations, give updates on upcoming events and new releases and give insights into projects I am working on or planning for the future.

Feedback is always welcome: tell me what you like or don't like about my site, poems, or anything else...