Saturday, 30 March 2013

Terminal Case

Now this really is a most interesting case
But I’m sorry to say we’re losing the race
To halt the infection, it’s spreading too fast
The way things are going the subject won`t last

We’re dealing here with a most virulent strain
As you see the life signs are all on the wane
This must be the worst case that we’ve ever seen
That’s why we are keeping it in quarantine

The parasite is quite a devious one
By disguising itself as a symbion
It managed to spread undetected with ease
It just wasn’t recognised as a disease

But when it was ready it raised its vile head
From then on the subject was as good as dead
The parasite then launched a ruthless assault
On all natural functions almost without fault

But it multiplies with such alarming speed
Devouring its host with insatiable greed
I’m sorry to say there’s no cure we can find
This world has a terminal case of mankind

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Letter to the P.M.

Dear mister prime minister
I am not very old
But I’m writing you this letter
Cos it’s time that you were told

My daddy doesn’t like you
And mummy doesn’t too
Cos daddy lost his job last month
And he says it’s cos of you

Now mummy’s got to find a job
So she can buy us shoes
And daddy now plays cards all night
But all he does is lose

My mummy isn’t happy
Cos my daddy couldn’t stay
He borrowed some-one’s money
And the police took him away

And now we haven’t got a house
Cos the bank man took the key
So now we all live in one room
In a smelly B&B

Now I know why daddy hates you
And I hate you just the same
You didn’t do your job right
Thats why you’re the one I blame