Saturday, 6 August 2011

Two Eyes

Two eyes are still closed tightly
To the beauty of this earth
A face still glistens brightly
From the miracle of birth

Two eyes, a flickered movement
As a new life is unfurled
But the wonder of this moment
Is just wasted on this world

Two eyes begin to open
And in wonder gaze around
Youth's bud begins to ripen
As those eyes grow big and round

Two eyes born out of innocence
See the world with rosey hue
Still blind to all the violence
And the evil that men do

Two eyes are filled with anger
As they open to the truth
The mirror holds a stranger
Something missing from their youth

Two eyes now disillusioned
And ashamed of their own kind
In a torment of confusion
Now they wish they were still blind

Two eyes have now grown cynical
Against this world of pain
They've reached and passed life's pinnacle
And soon will close again

Two eyes are quickly dimming
And their light is fading fast
The world about is swimming
As they look into the past

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Two eyes now close forever
At their owner's final breath
In that face like wrinkled leather
Lying peacefully in death

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