Wednesday, 11 January 2012


What is this pain within my head?
Am I alive or am I dead?
Why am I lost in endless night?
What is that blinding golden light?

Who is that distant silhouette?
Recalled from memories I forget
And why do echoes beckon me
To walk into that light I see?

But why am I now falling?
Whose voice do I hear calling?
It’s dragging me, I’m sinking
I feel as though I’m shrinking

What is that rhythmic thumping?
What is this fluid pumping?
Why am I filled with so much dread?
What is that pressure on my head?

It pulls me from my waking dream
I open up my eyes and scream...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

God Save the Children

God save the children
From the troubles of this life
Shield them and protect them
From the heartache and the strife

God save the children
Dry their tears when they cry
When the world mistreats them
Do not turn a blinded eye

God save the children
Cold and lonely in life’s rain
Shelter them and feed them
They just don’t deserve the pain

God save the children
Do not listen to the lie
Of those who’d exploit them
Do not let the children die

God save the children
All our hopes they will fulfil
Some-one has to save them
As no-body down here will...