Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Paper Dreams

Two headed horses climb the walls
The panther stalks the bubbled balls
Dead flowers grow across my bed
Ten fingers crossed by hand that bled
Glass tigers gamble in the stream
The unicorn rides through a dream
Blue thunder clouds roll cross the sky
Beneath the watchful wizard`s eye
The bottled gold, unwanted stands
Untouched by mortal human hands
And silent standing all around
Toxic tubes rise from the ground
The light above will soon grow dim
The time will come to sink or swim
The dolphin smiled, the angel cried
Certificates for those who died
In crystal castles on the hill
They’re blind to all the blood they spill
In pidgeon holes, in shadowed rows
Where heroes hide between Death’s toes
And china lemmings on the edge
Stand in line to take the pledge
The infant smiling on the dead
The Devil bearing words unsaid
And on the moon the sleeping clown
Dreams of stars and falling down
Picture formed in empty air
Fades above the empty chair
White coat drifting through the door
Floating two feet from the floor
A fleeting pain beneath the skull
And once again the world grows dull
The face behind the glass looks on
Until this paper dream is gone..