Tuesday, 27 November 2012

One Question, Lord

Lord, I know I’ve never prayed
And I really don’t know how
But I feel there is a question
That I have to ask you now

The bible says you made this earth
From the void in just six days
Then displayed your love of beauty
In a myriad different ways

You started off creating time
By dividing day from night
And set the eternal cycles
With the darkness and the light

On the next day of creation
Your great wisdom you did show
Dividing vapours up above
From the waters down below

On the third day you continued
Separating land and sea
And set the plants to grow there-in
In a vast abundancy

On the fourth day you decided
On a focus for the light
You made the sun to watch the day
And the moon to rule the night

On the fifth day you created
Fish to swim the lakes and seas
And birds to fly upon the wind
And nest within the trees

On the last day you excelled yourself
Making beasts to roam the land
Be they crawling on their bellies
Or upon their legs to stand

Now, I know you will not like this
But there’s something I must say
I think you made a big mistake
On that sixth and final day

It’s a shame you were not happy
With the beauty of this land
For you blew it all completely
When you formed from clay a man

On that day you made a monster
Filled with anger, greed and hate
And he set about destroying
All the work you’d done to date

He is killing off your creatures
At a truly frightening speed
And the only reason for it
Is his never ending greed

He pollutes your seas and rivers
And he doesn’t seem to care
That the life-style he is living
Is now poisoning the air

In his task he is relentless
Destroying all things in his way
He can now reverse your process
Of creation in a day

If things carry on much longer
It won’t matter anymore
That the world is slowly dying
He’ll destroy it in a war

So Lord, I now beseech you
Will you listen to my cry?
I only have one question
And that question Lord is... 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Poppy Petals

Lonely dripping scarlet tears
Spread their stain across the years
Silent rivulets of blood
Go unnoticed in the mud

Blood stained crosses stand in rows
As the single bugle blows
Poppy petals in the breeze
Hide the unseen agonies

By the rusty barbed wire fence
Water fills the empty trench
Where so much young blood was spilt
And yet the guilty feel no guilt