Monday, 31 October 2011


Looming shadows drawing near
Darkness borne on wings of fear
Foot-steps echo close behind
Conjured spectres plague your mind
Lurking in the endless night
Stalking you as you take flight
As your nerve breaks start to run
Race of Death has now begun
Icy breath, spine-chilling touch
Blood runs cold, cadaver’s clutch
A tightened grip, you can’t break loose
You’re hanging in a rigid noose
Your chest is tight, your heart expands
You’re clawing at those vice-like hands
You know your heart can’t take the strain
You’re blinded by its bursting pain
You feel your soul is fading fast
Your life’s events are flashing past
There is no need to struggle now
You know this pain will end somehow
With open arms embrace Death’s bliss
You can’t escape your Nemesis

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mice or Men?

You may call this life a rat race
But to me the only rats
Are the ones in spangled uniforms
Or suits and bowler hats

The rest of us are only mice
All chained to life’s tread-mill
While the rats ride on the gravy train
And eat and drink their fill

They are living in the manner
They have grown accustomed to
While the masses pay in blood and sweat
For the lifestyle of the few

They enjoy all of life’s comforts
Never wanting for their needs
While the masses live in penury
Victims of their leader’s greed

To them our fate is just a game
As they play dice with our souls
The masses are expendable
To their power crazy goals

And when the final war arrives
They will be the first to hide
In concrete bunkers down below
While the masses burn outside

Don’t you think it’s time to show them
Whether we are mice or men?
We should put the rats back in their cage
And then try to start again