Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Savage in a Suit...? (More like Savage in a Hoodie!)

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago in the early 90's exploring how easy it is for so-called 'civilised' society to slip into savagery. After watching the news all evening and following #londonriots on Twitter I think I should rename this piece 'Savage in a Hoodie' instead, although these mongrels are not fighting for survival, they are 'fighting' for Nikes and plasma tv's!

Some people consider my poems to be too dark, morbid even. Maybe they are but I only tell it as I see it. I see nothing to be gained by sugar coating the truth, even when it is a painful truth. When you add it all up; the financial crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, the water crisis, the energy crisis, the resource crisis, the population crisis - is the world not a dark and morbid place? Still, no need to get depressed about it. I'm still an optimist, even though I know awful things are going to happen...

Some-times it really sucks to be right...

Savage in a Suit

You think you are so civilised
But it is time you realised
How easily cracks can appear
In your so finely groomed veneer

We’re just a couple of meals away
From anarchy, so experts say
I’m sure you doubt this can be true
So I’ll try to enlighten you

The basic instinct in us all
Before which all the others fall
Is that to keep yourself alive
At all costs you have to survive

Imagine now some future date
When all the world’s long pent-up hate
Erupts into the final war
The Establishment exists no more

The things you take for granted now
They are no longer there somehow
No petrol for your fancy car
Well, am I getting through so far?

No food will reach your local store
Your power and water flow no more
Gangs and looters roam the night
Now there is no electric light

But things will go from bad to worse
With worthless money in your purse
No matter, there’s no food to buy
And anyway, the end is nigh

Soon shortages will start to bite
Out on the streets the people fight
For any food that does arrive
Remember, they have to survive

At first the law enforcers try
But soon they start to wonder why
They bother with a fruitless quest
They’re in the same boat as the rest

And that is when the end will start
When our society falls apart
No-one to keep the mob in check
The rats have left the sinking wreck

They talk of concrete jungles now
But they just don’t compare somehow
To millions of our charming race
Competing in a real rat race

Countless starving millions dying
On the streets the corpses lying
And those unlucky ones alive
With only one thought, to survive

Could you survive this brave new world
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When anarchy's flag is unfurled?
Or would you just curl up and die
Cowering as your children cry?

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  1. nice piece of work even though poignant, whatever happens it is destiny.nice to read.

  2. Well, you certainly don't pull your punches, Phil. All I can say is well done! This very subject, that shows how thin is the veneer of civilisation that separates us from a savage animal core represents a stream of consciousness that has been a part of my adult philosophical thinking for years, and the subject of a few of my recent blogs; no poems yet, strangely; not that I can recall anyway.

    This kind of stuff needs to be out there to remind those sections of society how important law and order is; how important that we be much more grateful for the living we have. The oil in the water, however, which has always been there, sadly, and which is assuming epic proportions, is the national obsession with celebrity and the rich elite; gnawing away at the psyche. This for some will never go away, at least until the streets are bathed with blood! Ugh! terrible thoughts!

    Small typo, BTW: last stanza should be "anarchy's"