Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Letter to the P.M.

Dear mister prime minister
I am not very old
But I’m writing you this letter
Cos it’s time that you were told

My daddy doesn’t like you
And mummy doesn’t too
Cos daddy lost his job last month
And he says it’s cos of you

Now mummy’s got to find a job
So she can buy us shoes
And daddy now plays cards all night
But all he does is lose

My mummy isn’t happy
Cos my daddy couldn’t stay
He borrowed some-one’s money
And the police took him away

And now we haven’t got a house
Cos the bank man took the key
So now we all live in one room
In a smelly B&B

Now I know why daddy hates you
And I hate you just the same
You didn’t do your job right
Thats why you’re the one I blame

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