Sunday, 2 December 2012

Introducing the Soapbox...

"If I may put forward a slice of personal philosophy, I feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling demented child-king long enough!"
- Vincent Price Monologue (Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper)

As I stated in my earlier post, the Soapbox is to be just that, a soapbox from which I can air my personal opinions. I have strong opinions on a number of subjects and I am increasingly finding myself in need of an opportunity to vent. For any-one who has been following my blog and reading my poetry, the general slant of my views should be fairly apparent from reading poems such as A Painful Truth, Mice or Men or Morbidity.

Over the years many people have commented on the morbid nature of my poetry. I have been criticised for having a bleak outlook and my poetry has been described as a 'work of darkness with occassional patches of gloomy shadows'. My response was in the form of a poem - 'Morbid, Who Me?' I will post this poem next as I think it states my case quite succinctly.

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